Men of Jesus is making a comeback

That’s right, Men of Jesus is making a comeback.

What will it look like?

Honestly, I don’t really know. I just know that it’s time.

Our world is a far different place today than when I started Men of Jesus in 2008. Back then no one had heard of COVID-19 and we could only imagine seeing a scenario like we are living in today at the movies. Today on Easter Sunday my family and I didn’t have a church service to attend. Instead we watched a sermon online and then met for a short time of worship and prayer with about 25 other people standing outside of their homes in a nearby subdivision. We maintained our “social distance” and didn’t even shake hands.¬†While I was proud to see a group of believers determined to meet together in some form, my heart still hurts.

No Church, on Easter, is awful.

The world needs Men of Jesus today more than ever before and that need seems to be accelerating at a break-neck pace. When I started MOJ back in 2008 I had a vision in my mind. What it grew into over the next several years didn’t quite match that vision. When I made the decision to shut it down a few years ago I lacked the ability to see through my own personal struggles and appreciate the MOJ community for what it had become.

Our online community had become a safe source of fellowship for many men around the world. It changed the course of many men’s lives. Some men found fellowship, some walked away from addictions, some walked out of the darkness, some fought off depression, some became better leaders, and at least one missionary was born. All of us grew in our knowledge of the Lord and closer to him in our relationships.

Our world needs all of those things now more than ever and that’s why Men of Jesus is coming back to life. I don’t know what it will look like, or what it will become, but I know who does.

His name is Jesus.


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